Q. What date does the 2019/20 season start.

A. The weekend of the 7th & 8th September.

Q. When does the season end.

A. The season culminates with the end of season finals in May. The 11 a side will depend on the number of cancellations throughout the season but must be concluded by the end of May.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of players per squad.

A. Yes the maximum number of players per squad is as follow's

U7s & U8s Maximum of 10 players

U9's & U10's Maximum of 12 Players

U11's & U12's Maximum of 16 players

11 a side teams maximum of 18 players.

Q. How do I upload my players for 11 a side onto the website and enter team sheet details.

A. Select FT Players/results from documents/info page on www.emjfl.com for download document

Q. How can I obtain my pitch side pass

A. As of season 2019/20 all managers permitted pitchside MUST be registered onto the FA's WGS. They will then be able to upload a photo to be added onto the team squad list in the same way players are.

Q. What size ball do we use.

A. The following sizes are used for U7s U8s & U9s = size 3 U10s U11s U12s U13s & U14s = size 4 all older age groups = size 5

Q. What's the last date for player registrations.

A. The deadline for registering players for each season is the last day of February.