Coach Passes

07 Feb 2019 in News

Coach Passes Coach Passes

Coach ID/Pitch side passes

The league will no longer be issuing any further pitch side passes. Those already submitted need to ber collected by the end of February. For any coach that has not got a pitch side pass. You can now upload your photo via the WGS it will then print off on a squad sheet. This must be shown in the same way as a pitch side pass to gain free entry into the finals.

To be able to be added to WGS as a club coach (if you've not already done so) please contact your club secretary. they can then have you added to the club where you will then be given a FAN number and details on how to log into WGS.

One you are on WGS as a club coach, you can then go to edit your profile and upload a photo, you will then appear on a squad sheet for any team that your club have assigned you too.

Any coach unable to provide either of the above will have to pay the entry fee.