Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

18 Mar 2020 in News

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

New League Statement

Hi All

As your all now aware, ALL Football & Training has now ceased in line with the Government & FA's recomendation. This is a tough time for everyone and we hope that we are able to resume as soon as safe to do so.

The EMJFL have held talks and have outlined the following as key dates.

Step 1.

4th April

It was announced by the Premier League and EFL when all fixtures were recently suspended that this would be reviewed around the 3rd April. What is decided at that point will guide all football moving forward as to the potential to complete the current season.

Step 2.

Cup Finals

The EMJFL Cup finals actually start in April with the start of the 11 a side, however the bulk of the finals start on the 2nd May. This again is a key date in the EMJFL diary. A date which we hope goes ahead as planned and something we will continue preparing for.

Step 3.

Summer League 6th June

Again this is another key date moving forward and another that we will continue to plan for in the event football is resumed.

Step 4. Along with our League partners Curzon Ashton we have got contingency plans available should Step 2 not be a viable option. These plans will be posted in due course.

Step 5. In the event that the current season cannot be completed the EMJFL will meet to discuss options available.

As stated we are taking applications for the Summer league and planning on the Cup Finals as scheduled and will keep you posted as to further updates.

Can any teams that have still not returned Trophies please ensure that you have located them as we may decide to open the office one Saturday (to be advised) in order for them to be returned.


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