Touchline Pass

27 Jun 2019 in News

Touchline Pass Touchline Pass

Coach ID

As of now the old EMJFL coach ID pass is no longer valid. All coaches permitted on the touchline on match days will need to be registered with the FA on WGS. If you are not already on WGS please speak to your club Secretary.

For those already regsitered on WGS you now need to ensure that you have uploaded a photo onto your profile. Oncve you have uploaded you can then add yourself onto the squad lsit of the teams you are coaching.

For safegarding reasons only coaches that can produce upon request a picture on the swaud sheet will be permitted to coach from the touchline.

Throughout the season random checks will be made by league officials to ensure all is in order. Should you coach more than one team then all that is required is a squad sheet with your name and photo ID on it.

These further steps have been put in place to ensure the saftey of all participants of the game in the EMJFL.